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The Video Prisma Awards is the official award of the Buenos Aires Music+Video Festival, where the best works participating in the International Music Video Competition are recognised. 

In 2024 it celebrates its sixth edition and will take place on October 31st.

The Video Prisma Awards is considered the largest music video competition on the continent and one of the most important in the world. 

Official Competition

The Official Competition of the Buenos Aires Music Video Festival seeks to highlight the best videos of the year, both nationally and internationally.

It includes more than 30 categories that reward the best of the year, divided into 5 competitions

What are the prizes?

The official statuette awarded to each winner is called the "Video Prisma" and is the highest recognition for a music video in the music and audiovisual industry. 


Additionally, all nominated videos that are part of the Official Competition receive the official laurels of the Buenos Aires Music Video Festival. 

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Selection of winners

International Jury

Composed of more than 60 professionals from the music, audiovisual, music video and entertainment industries. A plural and diverse group of +20 nationalities who each year receive between three and five categories per Jury along with a guide of specific criteria to be able to cast their votes and comments. 

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Viewer's Choice

The Video Prisma Awards also has categories open to viewers' choice, such as the YouTube Music Competition, which includes categories such as Pop Video, Rock Video, Urban Video, among others. Votes are cast through the event's website.

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