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about buenos aires music video festival

Buenos Aires Music Video Festival (BAMV Fest) is considered the first international music video event in Argentina. Created to reward and promote the best productions of the year and bring together a diverse national and international artistic community of musicians, directors, producers and music video professionals.


BAMV Fest also has a platform that presents original audiovisual content "non-stop" throughout the year and organizes various activities with the intention of promoting the work of those who are in front of and behind the cameras. 


our goal

The mission of BAMV Fest is to recognize the creativity and innovation of music video professionals and filmmakers, both in Argentina and worldwide. The festival seeks to promote the production and dissemination of quality works that contribute to the pop culture, through the Official Competition, screenings and various activities held throughout the year.

what are the categories?


The Official Competition of BAMV Fest has +30 categories divided into six competitions: General, YouTube Music, Emerging, Technical, Special and Formats.


The five categories of the General Competition include Video of the Year, Best Direction, Best Video (Argentina), Best Video (LATAM) and Best Video (International), chosen by an international jury. In addition, there are categories open to public vote, such as Favorite Video, Pop Video, Rock Video, Urban Video and more.


The festival also has the Formats Competition, with the intention of broadening the view of the music video world, which includes Documentaries, Lyric Videos, Making Of, Live Sessions, among others. 


bamv fest logo corto negro2.png
bamv fest logo corto negro2.png
bamv fest logo corto negro2.png
bamv fest logo corto negro2.png


what does the festival consider a "music video"?

We understand a music video as any audiovisual work that generates a new aesthetic discourse by officially using images on a commercially edited phonogram.

who can participate?

People over 18 years of age of any nationality can participate, including directors, producers, production companies, record labels, artists, bands and other professionals related to the production of the video clip.

How much does it cost to submit a music video to the festival?

The festival has free categories and facilities so that everyone can participate. The categories of the "Official Competition", however, have a cost that varies according to the submission stages.

Can I enter more than one video in the competition?

Yes, you can register all the videos you want.

How does the video selection process develop at the festival?

The curatorial team will review all the applications and select the best videos for each category, and the winner will be revealed on the awards night through the results established by the International Jury and/or the Viewer's choice.

What is the eligibility period? 

For the 2023 edition, all videos that premiered on a streaming video platform between August 31, 2022 and September 17, 2023 can enter the competition.

Can I enter an unofficial music video in the competition?​

NO. The use of the song in the video must have been agreed with the artist. (see definition of music video above).

Can I submit an unofficial music video if I am a student?

If you are a student, you can submit an unofficial video if it was for academic purposes, but it is only eligible for the "Student Video" category.

More info about this category.

If the video I made for the university is used by the artist to promote his music, can participate as an official video in the festival?

Yeah. There are many cases in which bands and National artists ask college students to make a music video that they will use to promote themselves. AND in this case You can register the video clip as "Student Video" and also in "Official Competition". In the last one you will have to pay the corresponding amount.

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