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Trends 2024

The BAMV Fest schedule revolves around a line of thematic lines, called Trends, which run through all the Festival's activities. 

At BAMV Fest 2024, six Trends will take centre stage

  • A consecrated space for rising talents who present new artistic expressions through innovative, diverse and transgressive proposals of the musical and audiovisual scene.

  • A comprehensive overview of the current creative landscape that delves into the latest trends in content creation, allowing you to bring a message to new audiences in a special and strategic way.

  • A meeting point between industry and culture that explores the dynamics of the art and entertainment market and plays an important role in productivity through the exchange of ideas, collaborations and the sustainable development of the sector.

  • Technology has an impact on artistic creation thanks to the development of Artificial Intelligence. An essential tool for innovation, new forms of expression and artistic content creation.

  • A special focus on projects with social impact that seek to generate positive change in society. Inspiring stories, reflections and engagement that explore the transformative power of art and culture.

  • New trends in the digital environment that have a great impact on the production and dissemination of content. Digital platforms, sales channels, social networks and new recommendation algorithms are explored.

The Buenos Aires Music+Video Festival's Industry Forum is established as a strategic space for dialogue between leaders and specialists in the music, audiovisual and technology industries. A unique meeting that actively involves the general audience through various activities such as panels, workshops, showcases and interviews

The main goal of the Forum is to generate growth opportunities for rising talents and experienced professionals. 

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