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  • We understand a music video as any audiovisual work that generates a new aesthetic discourse by officially using images on a commercially released phonogram.

  • - Over 18 years old, regardless of nationality, with access to audiovisual material.
    - Directors, producers, production companies, record labels, artists, bands, among other professionals related to music video production.

  • We have free categories and facilities so that everyone can participate in BAMV Fest. However, the categories of the "Official Competition" have a value that will vary in the different stages that we have for the inscriptions. 

  • Of course, you can enter as many music videos as you want in the Official Competition. 

  • Yes! New formats such as lyric videos, vertical videos, interactive videos, among others, can participate in the Official Competition, as long as they comply with what we consider to be an official video.

  • Our curatorial team will review all entries and select the best videos for each category, the winning video will be revealed during the Video Prisma Awards, the awards night of BAMV Fest, through the results established by the International Jury and/or the Public Vote.

  • For the 2024 edition, all music videos that were publicly released on YouTube between 1 August 2023 and 31 August 2024 are eligible to enter the competition.

  • NO, the use of the song in the music video must have been agreed with the artist (see definition of music video above). 

  • If you are a student, yes, as we will consider this unofficial video to have been made for academic purposes. Therefore it is only eligible for the Student Music Video category.  

    More info about this category.

  • Yes, there are many cases in which national bands and artists ask students from faculties to make a music video that they will use to sell their song. In this case you can register the video clip as a "Student Video" and also in "Official Competition".

    In the latter you will have to pay the corresponding fee.

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