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Juradx Internacional

ella / she / her

Cristina Streciwik

Brazil/ São Paulo

Realizadorx Audiovisual / Filmmaker



There’s a pervasive nostalgia to Cris’ films. They seem to reference something just on the edge of your memory, making them all the more captivating. Although there is no doubting they’re at the bleeding edge in their contemporary aesthetic. They're a joy to watch. Imaginative. Striking in their imagery. But in that dare-we-say subdued nordic way which almost makes you want to hang every frame on the wall.

Nominated as “best new director” and “best music video director” at WME awards, this one’s a rising star, already shining rather brightly. As evidenced by her work for C&A, Neutragena, Spotify, Gillette and Mercedes among others. Not to mention her work in music videos for artists such as Duda Beat and Jeremiah - both recognised at the Berlin Commercial Film festival and MVF awards.

Juradx Internacional en los años:


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