• Submissions are open to people over 18 years old of all nationalities, as long as they have access to audiovisual material.

  • Directors, producers, production companies, record labels, artists, bands, among other professionals related to the production of the music video are invited to participate.

  • For the Student Music Video category, the requirement is to be a student over 18 years of age attending an Argentine educational institution.  


We encourage filmmakers and artists from all over the world to submit their best videos and participate in the Buenos Aires Music Video Festival. The curatorship team will review all the nominations and select up to 10 music videos for each category, the winner will be revealed on the award night through an international jury and / or by public vote.




  • A music video * is understood to be any audiovisual work that generates a new aesthetic discourse by officially using images on a commercially edited phonogram and / or on an original musical work.

  • New formats such as Lyric videos, vertical videos, documentaries, among others, can participate and be nominated in other categories — in addition to the Formats Competition — as long as they are registered in the entire Official Competitions.

  • All music video released from August 1, 2020 to October 31, 2021 can enter the competition.

* A music video made by a university student or in an amateur way, and therefore considered "unofficial", can only participate in the Student Music Video category.




The Festival has 33 categories divided into five Competitions: General, Favorite, Technical, Special and Formats.

The four general categories are Video of the Year, Best Director, Best Video - Argentina, Best Video - LATAM, Best Video - International and Breakthrough Video.  ​