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  1. The fourth edition of the Buenos Aires Music Video Festival will take place in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina in October 2022. 

  2. The goal of the Festival is to recognize and make visible the best audiovisual works in terms of music videos, among other formats. These winning videos will be chosen by an International Jury and will be revealed during "The BAMV FEST Awards"

  3. Buenos Aires Music Video Festival is an independent event not related to the Government, however it receives non-commercial institutional support from the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. 

  4. The organization of the Festival is in charge of Juan LR Montes, general director and founder (, and Eric Dawidson, general producer (





  1. Only those people who accept the conditions stipulated by the Festival and who fully complete the registration form may participate.

  2. People interested in being part of the International Jury:

    • Be over 18 years old.

    • Have availability during the month of October 2022 to start voting for winning videos. 

    • Fill out the registration form with the required data and your motivations to join the International Jury. 

    • Accept the conditions of participation.

  3. Those who have a Voting Jury role will cast their votes online through the website

  4. Those who are part of the Jury Committee will make their votes virtually and/or in person through a meeting moderated by the Buenos Aires Music Video Festival team to guarantee the fair selection of winning videos.


  1. The role of Voting Jury is personal and non-transferable. 

  2. Each Voting Jury will receive between three and five categories of the General, Special and Technical Competitions.

  3. Each category can have up to 10 nominated videos maximum and 5 videos minimum.

  4. If you wish to vote in more categories, the person may request it from the Festival Management. 

  5. The Voting Jury can have their works nominated in the Festival. However, it will be totally impossible to vote in the categories where their work is nominated. 

  6. The Voting Jury will have up to two weeks to cast their votes.

  7. The Voting Jury will select 3 videos per category and will rate them from 1 to 3, with 1 being the lowest score and 3 the highest. 

  8. If they wish, the Voting Jury can leave a comment justifying their choice and it will be read by the Jury Committee during the election of the winning videos. 

  9. The list of all Voting Jurors is public and will be posted on the Festival website. 



  1. The role of the Jury in the Jury Committee is personal and non-transferable. 

  2. Four Jury Committees are established at the Festival for the following competitions: General, Technical, Special and Formats. Each Committee is made up of 3 Jurors.

  3. Each Jury Committee defines the winning videos of all the categories of the Competition to which it was designated. 

  4. The members of the Jury Committee cannot have works of their own in their assigned competence. 

  5. The Jury Committee of each Competition receives the votes and comments made by the Voting Jury and deliberates the results. 

  6. In case of unexpected conflict or breach of these conditions, the Buenos Aires Music Video Festival Organization reserves the last word. 



Any doubt that arises from the interpretation of these terms and conditions will be resolved by the Direction of Buenos Aires Music Video Festival.

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