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  • Submissions are open to people over 18 years of all nationalities, as long as they have access to audiovisual material.

  • Directors, producers, production companies, record labels, artists, bands, among other professionals related to the production of the music video are invited to participate.

  • For the Student Video category, the requirement is to be a student over 18 years of age and belong to an Argentine educational institution.  


We encourage filmmakers and artists from all over the world to submit their best videos and participate in the Buenos Aires Music Video Festival. The curator team will review all the nominations and will select up to 10 music videos for each category, the winner will be revealed on the award night through an international jury and/or by public vote.




  • A music video* is understood as any audiovisual work that generates a new aesthetic discourse by officially using images on a commercially edited phonogram and/or on an original musical work.

  • New formats such as Lyric videos, vertical videos, documentaries, among others, can participate and be nominated in other categories —in addition to the Formats Competition— as long as they are registered in all the Official Competitions.

  • All music videos released from July 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022 are in competition.

​* A music video made by a university student or in an amateur way, and therefore considered "unofficial", can only participate in the Best Student Video category.




The Festival has 34 categories divided into five Competitions: General, Viewer's Choice, Technical, Special and Formats.

The five general categories are Video of the Year, Best Director, Best Video (Argentina), Best Video (LATAM), Best Video (International), and Video Emergente. 


In the following paragraphs, the mentions "video" and "material" will refer to any music video presented, "Participant" and "candidate" to any person or entity that wants to compete in the event.  "Promoter" and "Festival" to designate the organizers and owners of the Buenos Aires Music Video Festival.  



  • Any application must be an original work with copyright, commissioned directly by the owners (artist, band, record label, management or audiovisual production company) or created for non-profit academic purposes.

  • The participant must have all the rights and written permissions to present the candidacy of the music video at the Festival.

  • The participants declare under oath to have all the intellectual property rights over the video that they present and / or the corresponding authorizations of the authors or owners (composers, performers, record companies and / or publishers and / or any other who may have rights over the video. or music) of the same to participate in the Festival. Apart from the above, the participants hereby accept the assignments and authorizations that will be indicated in "Authorizations and assignments". 

  • Participants can submit one or more videos to compete in different categories as long as they meet the requirements of each of them. 

  • Once the application payment has been made, there will be no refund of money. 

  • Any material submitted to the Festival will not be returned after delivery.

  • The Festival maintains the right to review the candidacy of the participants in order to verify their eligibility and identity. 

  • The Festival does not guarantee the selection of the video submitted for all or any of the official categories.

  • If selected, the Festival will ask for a higher resolution copy to be able to project the video during the event, photographs of the production and a photograph of the director. 

  • Any video may be disqualified for any reason that the Festival deems pertinent in its sole discretion. 

  • In case of being selected, the promoter can use both the image and the name of the participant, the name of the artist or band, or another related one, for promotional purposes. 

  • The video sent can be used by the Festival team for competitive purposes and can be seen both on the official website and in the final ceremony without any type of remuneration for the participant, the candidate and / or anyone else who may have rights over.

  • The Festival is not responsible for any technical problem that delays or damages the candidacy of each video, nor will it have to reply, compensate and / or refund the money for this reason.  




  • The promoter does not provide financing or any payment for the event in which the participant wants to attend the Festival in person.

  • All information on the Festival, whether published or not, is subject to change.

  • The Festival makes decisions such as the inclusion or exclusion of the videos in competition before and during the Festival. 

  • Any application must not violate the copyright laws of Argentina. 

  • The Festival reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions as necessary at any time. 

  • The list of winners and nominees will be published on the Festival's website permanently, as long as there are no inconveniences of any kind.  




  • The candidature will be invalidated if any type of fraud is found and the Festival is not responsible for it. 

  • The BAMV Fest curatorial team will be in charge of viewing, reviewing and selecting the videos nominated for each category of the event according to the nominations submitted. 

  • The members of the Voting Jury are in charge of voting for the winning video in the corresponding categories according to the indicated criteria.

  • Selection criteria: each nominated video will be analyzed and rated taking into account: artistic merit, technical quality and audiovisual creativity.

  • Clarification: l The video will be analyzed as an audiovisual work and in no case will the musical genre of the song be taken into account or judged, be it pop, rock, trap and / or any other genre.

  • A Jury Committee composed of three people for each Competition (with the exception of the Favorite Competition) will be in charge of gathering, validating and debating the votes in case there is a tie or other pertinent reason.

  • The Jury Committee acts on behalf of the Voting Jury (with the exception of the Formats Committee; who directly choose the winning videos of that Competition) 

  • The organizers will not be able to interfere or modify the decisions of the Jury Committee, nor the votes of the jury regarding the selected or discarded works, unless the videos or selected participants do not comply with these Rules, Terms and Conditions set forth herein.

  • The decisions will be final.

  • The categories where the winning video is selected by the public will be open from the official announcement of the nominees of each category until days before the Event.

  • The Favorite Competition votes will be held through the official website of the Festival.

  • The audience may vote only once for each category of the Favorite Competition, otherwise the repeated vote will be invalidated.

  • The winners of all categories will be announced during the “The BAMV FEST Awards” ceremony.

  • The Festival will award the winners of each category an "El Cubo BAMV FEST" trophy, an Official Certificate in physical and digital format, and digital laurels that can be downloaded from the Festival's official website.

  • The winning videos in the category Mention to Diversity and Honorable Mention in a Video will only receive the digital laurels. 

  • BAMV FEST trophies are subject to the supplier's manufacturing time and therefore may or may not coincide with the Awards ceremony.

  • The organization is not responsible for the delay that this delivery may generate.

  • In case of not being able to attend the ceremony, the winner may request until December 31 of the current year to send the prize by mail, as long as they have indicated a valid address. 

  • The Festival will only deliver an award to a single person or entity. It is the responsibility of the participant, if applicable, to deliver the prize to the winner indicated according to the category. 

  • If the winner of the category does not coincide with the person who registered the video in the Festival, the award will be given to the latter unless requested to the organization. Only in that case will the person who won the prize have priority and otherwise the Festival will be exempt from all responsibility.

  • The Festival does not award a duplicate of the prize in the event that there are two or more winners in the same category, unless two or more people / entities have separately paid for the video. 

  • On the other hand, if they wish, the winners can request a copy of the trophy from the Festival by paying an extra fee.

  • The Festival is not responsible for:

a. Any type of cancellation or postponement of the Festival.

b. Any problem regarding provision (for example, but not limited to prizes not reaching their destination) or use of the prize. 

c. Any error or omission on the part of the Festival promoter.

d. Any act that is not within the control of the Festival.  





  • Any person who attends the Festival, in any capacity, assigns and authorizes, free of charge and irrevocable, their image and voice rights, expressly authorizing the Promoter and / or the holder of the Festival's rights and / or its assignees, to record it, film it and / or photograph it and exhibit its image and voice by any existing means of broadcasting or to be created in the future, in perpetuity and anywhere in the world. This authorization and assignment is exclusively limited to exhibiting and / or disseminating and / or distributing and / or selling, free of charge or onerous, any image, scene, program, etc. extracted or processed within the Festival or on the occasion of the festival; stating that no consideration will receive or be able to claim for it. At the same time, each Candidate or Participant expressly and irrevocably authorizes that his or her personal data may be used by the holders of the Event and/or the Event organizers for any lawful purpose.  

  • All Participants or Candidates, in addition to authorizing and assigning what is stated in the previous point, authorize and assign, free of charge and irrevocable, without limit of territories and in perpetuity, to exhibit and / or disseminate, in whole or in part, the Videos and Material during the Festival; As well as expressly authorizing and assigning the Promoter and / or the holder of the rights of the Festival and / or its assignees, to carry out a program and / or any audiovisual related to the Festival, which contains, in whole or in part, the Videos and the Material, which may be disseminated by any existing means of dissemination or created in the future, in perpetuity and anywhere in the world. This authorization and assignment is limited exclusively to exhibiting and / or disseminating and / or distributing and / or selling, free of charge or onerous, any image, scene, program, audiovisual, etc. extracted or carried out within the Festival or on the occasion of the festival and that contains the Videos or the Material; stating that no consideration will receive or be able to claim for it.

  • In addition, each Participant or Candidate authorizes, free of charge and irrevocably and without time limit, that the submitted Material may be used for participation in other events or festivals organized by the Promoter and/or the Festival rights holder or its assignees and/or in any festival similar to the Event organized by third parties anywhere in the world. 

  • As stated above, each Participant or Candidate declares under sworn statement to be the owner of all intellectual property rights of the Videos or Material submitted or, otherwise, to have the authorizations and licenses of their owners (composers, performers, record companies, publishers and/or any other that may hold any right in relation to the Videos), so that the Videos and Material may be exhibited, in whole or in part, broadcast, distributed or sold in the terms set forth above, without limit of territories, in perpetuity and by any existing or future means of distribution, within the context of an audiovisual work that will be held as part of the Festival, and that no compensation will be received or may be claimed for the use of such documentary, which may include the Videos and the Material.

  • In the hypothetical event that it is required to pay any fee for the use of the music, the Participant or Candidate authorizes to pay the minimum fee provided by SADAIC; clarifying that no consideration shall correspond to the owner of the phonogram and/or videogram; declaring in such aspect to have the rights of the same or the respective assignments and/or authorizations. In the event of any third party claim, the Participant or Candidate undertakes to hold harmless the organizers and owners of the Festival for any third party claim in relation to the Material, music, phonogram or videogram submitted by the Participant or Candidate. 



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